Timber Harvest Administration

Ed Orcutt, Owner

CFM can help you manage all of the revenue and bills associated with your timber harvest by directing log payments to you, to the logger and any others involved in the harvest process as well as to provide you information and assistance in filing your timber taxes.

Selecting a logger
CFM can help you to determine who is the best capable and least costly logger to harvest your timber. CFM will assist you in preparing a logging contract that was developed by a landowner who was also an attorney - so you know the contract has strong protections for landowners.

Timber Marketing
CFM can market your timber to local log buyers to get you the best prices available for the wood you harvest.

There are numerous log buyers in SW Washington; numerous species; and numerous sorts within a single species. It is quite common to sell 10 or more log sorts to 5 or more log buyers, so having profession help in determining which log buyers to sell your wood to - and which log sorts to sell to any specific buyer -- can help you make thousands of dollars more from your forestland.