CFM can help coordinate the following forest management activities in addition to even-aged and commercial thinning operations:

CFM can coordinate and supervise all reforestation following harvest - including ordering seedlings; finding a contractor to plant; and supervision of planting operations.

Animal Damage Protection
CFM can work with you and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) to determine ways to protect seedlings and larger trees from animal damage, then coordinate and oversee the installation of protection measures.

Vegetation Control
CFM can assist you in completing vegetation control projects after any harvest including: application of pesticides for site preparation or for the release of desired reforestation species; and mechanical control (hand slashing) of competing vegetation to assure the establishment of the best stocked stand possible.

Pre-commercial Thinning
CFM can assist you in determining when to pre-commercially thin; and to help find a contractor and to supervise the contractor while performing the thinning.

FREP Compensation
CFM can assist you in applying for Forest Forest Riparian Easement Program (FREP) reimbursement for any timber you are required to leave to protect fish and wildlife habitat.